At Lunch: Pokérrito

Pokérrito |
Where is it: 558 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1Y1

Vancouver’s as crazy for sushi as it is obsessed with health and fitness. So it should be no surprise to anyone that the pokebowl and poke burrito are a prominent fixture in town with a number of venues to get your fix. I’m late to the game and after several false starts putting lunch plans together with acquaintances, took it upon myself to set out on that great adventure of eating sushi in a burrito.

My journey took me to Pokerrito, an unassuming storefront that can be found on Duinsmuir Street, occupying space a short walk from the Granville Skytrain station.  It enjoys a steady stream of loyal customers through the lunch hour on the go.  By the time I had put my order in a dozen hungry patrons had snaked their way through the floor, encroaching on the limited seating area.


When you arrive at the front of the line and place your order you have the option of a bowl, a salad or a burrito. There’s a board of signature mixes though an intrepid pokebowl enthusiast can also go their own way mixing a custom set of ingredients. The staff keep track of these orders by writing your choices on the preparation tray with a dry erase marker so that there’s no mistaking your selections as they pass it down their assembly line and work their magic.

The first time visiting, I stood for a moment and decided to try their basic signature, ‘The North Shore’ loaded down with albacore tuna. You can choose between two ($10.95) and three ($12.95) scoops of your protein. The size of the thing swelled as they dressed it down with crabmeat and all manner of veg. The North Shore touts pineapple, radish sprouts, and intricately placing cherry tomatoes. Topped with umami sauce for flavour and sprinkled liberally with sesame seeds. The presentation is something to admire. A formidable combination of style and substance.


Like the best burrito, one is skeptical such a thing can hold it’s form once minted into it’s burrito form. Luckily the staff of Pokérrito are not only skilled but wrap each burrito tight to keep it secure for the take away. it made the trip back to the office just fine and managed to hold it’s form, though it’s suggested when holding it to have the seems of the seaweed pointed upwards to keep an eye on such a thing.

A second visit this afternoon, I opted to go with the Hanuama as the prospect of a burrito stuffed to maximum capacity with salmon sashimi was too delicious to ignore. another difference is a bit of ginger to give the flavour an extra kick. Also a winner. The sashimi enthusiast in me relished every bite. A third visit would be a welcome opportunity to experiment and find what’s precisely to my liking. If the idea of a rice wrap is too much for you and your diet, a bowl or salad would definitely suit your style more. Any way you want to look at it, Pokerrito should leave you satisfied.



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